76101 Dispersion K 360. Kremer, 250ml plastic container

Very elastic, permanently sticky dispersion from Kremer. Ideal as an adhesive in collage works. Pure acrylic dispersion, about 60% solids


-  Pressure-sensitive adhesive with good bond strength and thermal stability under load.

-  Dispersion K 360 serves to manufacture self-adhesive coatings for many materials, e.g. textile fabrics, non-wovens,

plastics films, paper, sheet metal, glass, rigid foam plastics, etc.

-  Dispersion K 360 can be diluted with water to provide liquors of any desired concentration.

-  Dispersion K 360 can be thickened by means of thickener emulsions (e.g. Rohagit SD 15), thickener solutions (e.g.

Rohagit SL 606) and cellulose or starch derivatives to provide printing, nip-padding and coating compounds.

-  Dispersion K 360 can be applied by the usual methods such as spraying, impregnating, printing, padding and


-  By mixing Dispersion K 360 with other emulsions from the Plextol range, the film properties of the former can be

influenced within wide limits and thus adapted to the intended application.

-  Silicone-coated papers, PP- or PE films are suitable maskings for the self-adhesive coating.

  • Country of Origin:
    DE Germany
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  • Type:
    Acrylic Dispersion
  • Series:
    76101 Dispersion
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  • Product Code:
    DE 3906.90.90
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