77200 Latex Milk Kremer, 5 lt plastic container

natural rubber, kept liquid with ammonia

77200 Latex Milk

natural rubber, kept liquid with ammonia

Natural rubber, solved in ammonia and pre-polymerized.

This latex milk dries highly elastic. It is suitable as binder for all ammonia-stable pigments, not for verdigris and malachite.

In general, latex is non-irritating to the skin, however latex allergies may arise in some cases. The latex milk film is not lightfast, it becomes sticky when exposed to sunlight.

The latex film tends to adhere only on latex surfaces or if absorbing materials such as linen or cotton can be soaked with the latex.

Powdering latex surfaces with talcum prevents films from sticking together. This procedure must be repeated from time to time.

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    77200 Latex
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    CM Camaroon
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    CM 4001 1000 00
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