78039 Wetting Agent PM - Pemulen. Kremer, 100g bag

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for cleaning emulsion, dispersing agent. 

78039 Wetting Agent PM

Acrylic polymer for emulsification.

Recommended by Wolbers for any type of cleaning emulsion.

In aqueous mediums: Dispersing agent to reduce setting of pigments.

Application: 0.1 – 0.3 %.

Wetting Agent PM is novel in oil-in-water (o/w) emulsifiers which provide numerous benefits to emulsions prepared with them:

Universal Emulsification:

Wetting Agent PM is a water soluble polymer that readily anchor at the oil-water interface independent of oil type.

Excellent Stability:

A broad range of emulsions have remained stable in the bottle for years, even at elevated temperatures of 40°C. These emulsions are also stable to repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Low Irritancy / Low Usage Levels:

Due to its hydrogel nature and highly efficient properties, typical usage levels of only 0.1 – 0.3 % of Wetting Agent PM is required to replace 3-7 % of traditional surface active emulsifiers which can be irritating.

Rapid Release of the Oil Phase:

Emulsions created with Wetting Agent PM have a triggered release mechanism. The acrylic hydrophilic portion of the agent hydrogel instantly deswells upon contact with the surface characteristics and salt content common on skin. The oil phase is released and provides immediate coverage of the substrate, eliminating the lengthy lag time seen in traditional o/w emulsions.

Oil Phase Will Not Re-Emulsify:

When formulated with little or no surfactant, the oil phase in the Wetting Agent PM can spread rapidly and cannot re-

wet. Waterproof emulsions are therefore easily prepared. In traditional emulsions, upon final evaporation of the oil

phase, the oil layer contains high concentrations of surfactants , rendering the oil phase readily re-emulsifiable.

Simplifies Emulsion Formation Procedures:

Stable emulsions can be formed by the stepwise addition of oil phase ingredients to the water phase at any temperature, including ambient room temperature, at which point all ingredients are liquid. Economies may be derived from the elimination of heating and cooling cycles during manufacture.

Effective O/W Emulsions at Low Loadings:

Due to the immediate availability of the active oil phase using the Wetting Agent PM, the equivalent efficacy at reduced oil or solvent levels may be seen.

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