78050 100g Kremer Marseilles Soap Needles

Marseilles soap needles can be used for cleaning brushes, palettes etc. Restores the natural fats in tired paintbrushes
Kremer Marseilles Soap is a pure vegetable soap used for the cleaning and reconditioning of brushes and palettes etc.
An oil based soap that restores the natural fats in tired brushes, helping to recondition them.

Dissolve approximately one tablespoon into 500ml of boiling water to form a 'jelly'.
Allow to cool before using as a brushcleaner.

Stronger mixes can be formed into marseilles soap blocks.

Store in an airtight container.
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    EU European Union
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  • Type:
    Brush Cleaner (Soap Flakes)
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  • Product Code:
    EU 3401 2010 00
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