79055 Tung Oil Varnish. Kremer, 1 lt tin

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Kremer Tung Oil Varnish, suitable for interior and exterior applications, for special application onto wood. A glossy, slightly yellowish varnish. Please note this item can only be shipped to UK mainland addresses.

Tung oil varnish is made by cooking linseed oil and tung oil. This glossy, slightly yellowish varnish has a high shelf life.

Tung oil varnish is suitable for interior and exterior applications. The thin fluid resin is directly applied from the can. One litre covers about 20 square metres . A coat of tung oil varnish is dust dry within 2 hours, hard in 8 hours, and can be over-painted after 24 hours.

Tung oil varnish can be applied with a brush or a spray gun. For the exterior application we recommend four coats, for inside two coats are usually sufficient. Should the varnish be applied in a humid area, we highly recommend a good priming coat with semi-oil. Tung oil varnish does not penetrate deep enough into the wood to avoid chipping. Tung oil varnish is very UV-stable, which is why it is used around ocean water or at high altitudes. Due to its high resistance to scratches and abrasion it can be used on staircases and wooden floors.

Tung oil varnish can be dyed with pigments. Very stable coats on exterior wood surfaces can be achieved with opaque and glaze pigments. Up to 60 g/l can be added without impairing the stability of the varnish.

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