79098 Claude Yvel Gel-Painting Medium (For Oil Painting, Contains Lead, Toxic). Kremer, 50ml tube

Clear, Slightly yellowish gel medium for Oil-Painting. Fast-drying and glossy, Enables quick painting in thin or thick layers. CAUTION: Contains Lead, Toxic.
Kremer's Gel-Painting Medium by Claude Yvel, is a clear, slightly yellowish gel medium for oils. It was formulated by French painter Claude Yvel to replicate the medium commonly used in the baroque period.
The Gel-Painting Medium is fast-drying and glossy and allows oil painters to work quickly in both thin and thick layers.
The medium is a composition of mastic varnish and siccativated walnut oil. These two liquid components are mixed to produce the gel. The medium can liquify during shipping or storage, slowly stir to re-gel.
CAUTION: Contains Lead, Toxic  
  • Country of Origin:
    DE Germany
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    UK Mainland delivery only
  • Type:
    Gel Medium
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  • Material:
    Oil Medium
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    DE 3208 1090 00
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