807172 HB (Medium), Academie Fusains Nitram Charcoal (5 Sticks)

Orange Box - HB (Medium), Nitram Academie Fusains Charcoal. 5 Sticks 15cm length. Great for the drawing class.

Nitram Charcoal's Academie Fusain is available in three grades fo hardness.

The Orange Boxed 'HB' Grade is the medium grade. It is ideal for mid tones and offers the perfect charcoal for creating both rich tones and detail. As it is the medium grade of the three it is the ideal charcoal for the life drawing room and drafting out work on paper and canvas in the studio.

Each box contains five sticks measuring 15cm length by approximately 0.5cm across. The sticks are square.

Nitram Charcoal:

  • More durable than willow or vine charcoal, less brittle and less breakages.
  • Less dust and a variety of grades to ensure the richest tones.
  • Sharpens to a fine point - especially the harder grades.
  • Easy to erase and blend - especially the softer grades.
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    CA Canada
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    CA 9609 1090
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