881050 Kremer Watercolour Set, Renaissance

Watercolor tin with 8 full pans. The Kremer Watercolor Set, Renaissance offers the most popular choice of colors of the Renaissance period. Vermilion, Yellow and Red Ochre, Cherry Black, all mixed with Gum Arabic – the traditional watercolor binder.

Kremer handmade watercolors. 8 full pans of beautiful, traditional colors.

This watercolour set contains the following colours:

102078 Azurite, Sky Blue - Light
103458 Malachite
111118 Russian Green Earth
115728 Burgundy Yellow Ochre, Fine
115748 Burgundy Red Ochre, Fine
120208 Cherry Black
420008 Vermillion
463008 Zinc White

  • Make:
  • Country of Origin:
    DE Germany
  • Type:
    Watercolor Paint
  • Material:
    Watercolor Paint
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    DE 3213 1000 00
  • Weight: