987 Shell White Lascaux Studio Acrylic, 85ml bottle

Highly versatile, economical acrylic paint suitable for all painting techniques including airbrush and screenprinting. Highly pigmented, ideal for murals and large surfaces
Lascaux Studio Acrylic is an exceptional artists' quality fluid acrylic paint created by Lascaux who were the pioneering acrylic paint brand in Europe. It is available in 50 concentrated colours formulated for great light fastness and opacity. The ideal paint for artists' murals, exterior and interior and for large monochrome surfaces. This highly pigmented and extremely good value Lascaux Studio Acrylic paint is favoured by artists, architects, illustrators, decorators and designers. From school projects to professional artworks.
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    Acrylic Paint
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  • Material:
    Acrylic Paint
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    CH 3213 9000 00
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