990001 Kremer Colour Chart - Blue Colours

Colour swatches of original Kremer pigments, printed over multiple pages and presented in a folder

Kremer Colour Chart Information

46 Colour swatches displaying Kremer pigments across multiple pages in a clearly designed reference colour chart.
Each sample swatch is 3cm x 5cm and is screenprinted from the original Kremer pigments using a water-based binder based on Gum Arabic (excluding pigments that cannot be processed in aqueous binders, such as Dragon's Blood or Copper Resinate).
The binder and printing method ensure the colour of the pigment is barely changed. The colours are all printed over a grayscale ranging from 0%-75% to display the opacity of each colour.
All colours are printed on 180gsm acid-free paper and are packaged in a card folder. 

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    DE Germany
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    Handmade Color Chart
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    Color Chart
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    DE 4901 9900 00
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