990018 Kremer Colour Chart - Watercolours

Colour swatches of Kremer-made watercolours, hand-painted over multiple pages and presented in a folder

Kremer Colour Chart Information

Approx. 87 Colour swatches displaying Kremer Earth pigments across multiple pages in a clearly designed reference colour chart.
Each sample swatch is 3cm x 5cm and is Hand painted from the original Kremer made watercolours. 
The colours are all painted over a grayscale ranging from 0%-75% to display the opacity of each colour.
All colours are displayed on 180gsm acid-free paper and are packaged in a card folder. 

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    DE Germany
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    Handmade Color Chart
  • Material:
    Color Chart
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  • Product Code:
    DE 4901 9900 00
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