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Acrylic Colours

AP Fitzpatrick is proud to be the leading supplier of Lascaux Acrylics.

We began by supplying Lascaux as it was the leading brand of artists' acrylic colour.

We still supply Lascaux today with the same belief.

Premium quality colours - authentic and true to life.

Lascaux the spirit of colours

Lascaux paints offer ranges to suit all artistic requirements:

  • Lascaux Artists' Acrylic. Buttery, Tubed Acrylic.
  • Lascaux Artists' Metallics. Buttery, shimmering Golds and Silver.
  • Lascaux Studio. The original Lascaux range, never bettered.
  • Lascaux Neon. Flourescent, black-light colours.
  • Lascaux Studio Bronze. Metal based, bronze colours.
  • Lascaux Perlacryl. A Pearlescent range of colours.
  • Lascaux Crystal. Spectacular, interference colours.
  • Lascaux Aquacryl. A groundbreaking water re-soluble acrylic 'watercolour'.
  • Lascaux Sirius. In both acrylic and water re-soluble form. A 'primary' system.
  • Lascaux Gouache. A lightfast, age resistant gouache paint.

We also stock Golden High Flow Acrylic - A fluid acrylic paint for markers and dip pens as well as brushes and airbrushes.

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Lascaux Resonance Gouache set, 12 x 50ml Jar

A carefully selected range of twelve, 50ml jars of Lascaux Resonance Gouache. A beautiful bio-activated colour developed by Lascaux containing sage oil.

Lascaux Studio Acrylic Set,12 x 85ml bottles

A set of 12 Studio colours from Lascaux's popular range of artists' acrylic. A good introduction to this versatile, high quality colour.