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APF Workshop Special Canvas (no.5), 179cm x 160cm, stretched with APF2 Fine Portrait Linen, Prepared with Lascaux Acrylic Size

Handmade canvas on 3.2cm deep Tulip wood stretcher, with 3 crossbars. Made in the AP Fitzpatrick workshop using high quality artists' fabrics, Prepared with Lascaux Acrylic products, ready to work on in Oils, Acrylics,etc. Unique item, limited availability.
Product Brand:   AP Fitzpatrick
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 This canvas is prepared by hand in our workshop and prepared with Lascaux Acrylic products to give a high quality support that can be painted on in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Inks and many other media.

Dimensions: 179cm x 160cm
Stretcher: 3.2cm deep Tulip wood, with 3 crossbars
Fabric: APF2 Fine Portrait Linen
Preparation: Lascaux Acrylic Size, triple-sized
Orientation: Portrait

Please note: Due to the size and fragile nature of this item, we are unable to ship via the standard UPS service. We advise customers to arrange collection from the shop where possible, please contact us to discuss in more detail.