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Artists' Fabrics

Fabrics selected for their quality and individual characteristics. Linen, canvas and polyester sold by the metre and also in economical roll or bale lengths. All fabrics supplied are ones which we use in our own workshop for the preparation of canvasses and primed cloth.

Our specially primed APF fabrics are done by hand using Lascaux Acrylic Size and Primer or Gesso. Available in 5metre lengths supplied rolled, they offer the finest example of primed artists material.

Swatches of fabric are available on request: APF Fabric Swatches (Un-Primed).

We are happy to discuss alternative fabrics and to facilitate special primings, please e-mail an outline of your interest and contact details: Special Fabric or Priming Request.

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2005 Acrylic Size. Lascaux, 1 lt jar

Acrylic Size for all flexible supports. Highly economical clear sizing. Can be used as a transparent sealer or as a sizing before the application of Lascaux Primer or Lascaux Gesso.

£29.16 (inc. VAT)
2010 Acrylic Primer. Lascaux, 1 lt jar

Acrylic Primer for both Oil and Acrylic Painting. Bright white and matt, suitable for all absorbent supports. Very economical, dilute with water before use. Can be tinted with Lascaux Acrylic Colours.

£36.84 (inc. VAT)
2020 Acrylic Gesso. Lascaux, 1 lt jar

Gesso Primer with a semi-absorbent, easily sanded pure white, matt surface. Highly concentrated and thinnable with water.A perfect ground for Oil and Acrylic paintings as well as other media.

£36.84 (inc. VAT)
Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer. Michael Harding Oil Paint Primer, 1lt jar

Non-Absorbent priming for oil painters. An Acrylic primer specifically designed by Michael Harding to enhance the colour and finish of oil paintings.

£25.80 (inc. VAT)