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Blockx Artists' Watercolours

Blockx Watercolours

"Only lightfast pigments are used to ensure stability because watercolour is a naturally fragile medium. The most intense and brilliant pigments, which can always be diluted but never improved. A binding agent that facilitates the working properties. Made with the finest traditional ingredients but prepared with a modern formula for the needs of today's artists. Slowly ground on stone tricylinders to simulate the manual process and accentuate the individual quality of each colour."

This range of traditional watercolours has been expanded and developed to become, in our view, the best you will find. Blockx continues the paint-making traditions of its' founder, who began manufacturing artists’ colours in 1865. The exceptional transparency of these watercolours is made possible by the use of pure pigments, free of filler material, carefully combined with proportional additions of pure honey and high quality gum Arabic. Available in regular half pan size suitable for watercolour tins and also giant porcelain pans, measuring 3”x 2¼”, ideal for the contemporary artists studio. The range comprises of 72 colours.

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186 Titanium White Blockx Watercolour Tube 35ml

Series 1. Tube of artists watercolours. Lightfast, intense and brilliant pigments bound with honey, glycerine and gum arabic

£15.90 (inc. VAT)