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Blockx Oil Colours 086 Titanium White 60ml

Artists quality oil paints made from pure pigment mulled with poppy seed or linseed oil to produce the finest quality oil colours
Product Brand:   Blockx
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Blockx Oil paints are a particularly outstanding range of fine artist oil colours. These high quality artist oil paints are great for there translucent colours. They are made from the finest selection of pigments and oil and all the colours have a minimum lightfast rating 7 out of 8 on the blue wool scale. So they all can be considered perfectly lightfast.Iron oxides, earths and blacks are ground with linseed oil. All the other pigments are ground with poppyseed oil which is well known for its lack of yellowing and wrinkles when drying. The Blockx Oil colours are therefore ground with the oil that produces the best results and the most beautiful modern colours available.