Brilliant Pink Cranfield Artists' Oil Colour, 40ml tube

Series 2, Cranfield Artists' Oil Colour. 40ml Tube. - Opaque.

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Cranfield Artists' Oil Colour 40ml tube.

Series 2.


PW6 Titanium Dioxide, PW4 Zinc Oxide, PR188 Monoazo Red (Napthol AS), PR209 Quinacridone Red.

Cranfields' skilled artisans use the finest grade pigments and the purest refined oils available to create paints that are full of character, luminous and vibrant. Each recipe is as natural and true as possible, made with a lighter touch to preserve and reveal the beauty of individual pigments.

Cranfield Artists oil paints have the reliable buttery texture that is admired in quality British oil colours the world over - each paint responding easily to an artist's brush or knife and handling beautifully. They are a step up from our Studio range in that they have a higher pigment content, and have undergone further milling and sweating.

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    Oil Paint
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    Oil Paint
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    UK 3213 9000 00
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