Colour Charts

Colour charts for all of our ranges are below, for your reference.
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Acrylic Colours:

Lascaux Studio colour chart >  
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Lascaux Studio Bronze colour chart >
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Lascaux Artist colour chart >
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Lascaux Artis Metallics colour chart >
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Lascaux Perlacryl colour chart >
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Lascaux Crystal colour chart >
Shop Lascaux Crystal >

Lascaux Gouache colour chart >
Shop Lascaux Gouache >

Lascaux Aquacryl colour chart >
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Lascaux Sirius Acrylic colour chart >
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​​​​​​​Lascaux Neon Colours >
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Oil Colours:

MIR oils colour chart >

​​​​​​​Blockx oils colour chart >

Sax oils colour chart >

Watercolours / Aquarelles including Lascaux Aquacryl:

Lascaux Aquacryl colour chart >

Lascaux Sirius Water-resoluble colour chart >

Blockx Watercolours >

QOR Watercolours >


Please see the individual swatches of colour on each pigment listing.
Kremer Colour Charts, displaying real pigment colours, are now available to purchase. Please click here to browse Kremer Colour Charts

Please note colours will appear different when viewed on screen or printed out to the actual paint colour, these charts offer a guide only for your reference.