Colourless Drier. Mir, 125ml bottle

Add 5% maximum to ready made colours to speed the drying. Strong, lead free drying agent for oil paints

Features: Dryer for high quality oil-based paints are composed of metal salts that act as catalysts in the reaction of oxidation of oils. This process by which the colours "dry" is actually a chemical reaction called “oxidative polymerisation” which is the process by which the colours are hardened overtime. Add a maximum of 5% to tubed colour.
- Uses: Uniformly mixed with the colours.
A simple way to incorporate the drying and make sure not to overdose the preparation consists in mixing it before with Discoloured linseed oil discoloured in order to dose the mix with the colours afterwards.

Features: Made as a substitute for traditional lead blotting currently limited because of its toxicity. Its formulation combines mass and surface drying. This yellow product has a very strong drying action which is ideal for bright colours. Recommended for use in very small doses (in a 20 ml tube. 2 to 4 drops) to prevent defects in the coating.
This product can be mixed with the Cobalt dryer.

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    Driers for Oil
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    Oil Medium
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