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Traditional shellac bound, pigment inks from Kremer.
Modern fluid acrylic from Golden with an ink consistency.

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2020 Acrylic Gesso. Lascaux, 500ml jar

Gesso Primer with a semi-absorbent, easily sanded pure white, matt surface. Highly concentrated and thinnable with water.A perfect ground for Oil and Acrylic paintings as well as other media.

£23.10 (inc. VAT)
A5 Sketchbook, Carnet De Voyage by Clairefontaine Buff

Cloth Bound. Acid Free A5 Sketchbook with 60 sheets of 180g paper. Buff cover for Smooth Surface Paper.

£31.08 (inc. VAT)
Lascaux 1607 watercolour brush Size 7.

Lascaux watercolour brush. A true alternative to red sable watercolour brushes.Featuring a fibre combination set in a seamless nickel ferrule with a short raw wooden handle.

£31.92 (inc. VAT)