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Kremer Fine Artist Ink


​​​​​​​Kremer Shellac Inks

The high concentration of pigments in Kremer's shellac inks makes them very rich in colour. Undiluted the Kremer shellac inks dry lustrous and water-insoluble. This lustre is reduced when the ink is diluted with water - adding too much water can make the inks water-soluble once dry.

The Kremer Shellac Ink Diluter/Vehicle can be added to retain water-insolubility when working with a highly diluted ink. Regular pigments can also be mixed with the Kremer ink diluter, although inks made in this way will be coarser. For cleaning of brushes and tools, simply use the Kremer Shellac Ink Solvent.
NEW SIZE 30ml jars now also available as a single item.

180990 Kremer Shellac ink Assortment, Small (12 x 30ml jars)
Kremer Fine Artists Inks, lustrous, highly pigmented shellac ink. 12x 30ml assorted colour ink set.