Kremer Restoration

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Kremer Restoration
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67266 Kremer Regalite R1125 100g
Regalite R1125, synthetic resin granules. Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin.
63477 Kremer Fu-Nori (funori) 100g
Fu-nori, Japanese algae glue
67280 Kremer Regalrez® 1094, 75g
Hydrocarbon Resin, highly stable. Especially suited to sealing and varnishing applications requiring stability against weathering and temperature. Contains no added Antioxidants of UV stabilisers.
67204 Kremer 50g Laropal ® A81 Aldehyde Varnish Resin
Aldehyde Varnish resin soluble in most paint solvents (Insoluble in water). Versatile and archival
Aldehyde varnish resin similar to Laropal® A81, slight yellow tint
14904 Kremer Retouching Colours in Laropal A 81 Set
Set: Kremer Retouching Colours in Laropal A 81 contains 81 Kremer pigments ground in Laropal A 81, 3ml each, in 3 wooden boxes. UK mainland delivery only.
14910 Kremer Retouching Chips in Paraloid B72, set
Set of 12 retouching colours in a metal case.The colours can be dissolved with all solvents in which Paraloid B72 is soluble.
67400 Kremer Paraloid B72 Resin 150g
Ethyl methacrylate polymer
67400 Kremer Paraloid B72 Resin 500g
Ethyl methacrylate polymer
78152 Kremer Tinuvin 292 30g
Kremer Tinuvin 292, UV-Absorber, liquid, soluble in benzine
79360 Kremer Regalrez® Varnish 250ml
with Regalrez® 1094, UV-stabilized