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Lascaux Aquacryl 862 Transoxide Orange 500ml

Lascaux Aquacryl is an artists quality translucent paint. These water resoluble colours can be used for delicate watercolour techniques or luminous glazes on large formats
Product Brand:   Lascaux
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Lascaux Aquacryl is a extremely unique artists quality translucent paint. This easily soluble acrylic paint combines the classic formulation of classic watercolour properties with transparent luminous glazes on large formats. Lascaux Aquacryl has a high pigment concentration and lightfastness that remains intensive and rich in colour even when diluted, which makes it very economical to use. It can be applied in thin applications that can be over painted, or thickly painted and dissolved with water to produce washes. It is suitable for most painting applications and is favoured by artists, designers and decorators and has been used for large scale murals, particularly glazes.