Lascaux Fineline Applicator, XL sizes - 1.3mm, 1.4mm and 1.7mm line width (pack of three)

Fineline applicator fits Lascaux Bottles 85ml and 250ml. There are three different line widths - 1.3mm (yellow cap), 1.4mm (White cap) and 1.7mm (Blue cap)
NEW Lascaux Fineline Applicator XL Sizes for Lascaux Acrylic paint bottles 85ml and 250ml. Pack of three applicators with varying line widths - 1.3mm (Yellow cap), 1.4mm (White cap) and 1.7mm (Blue cap).

This new product is a fantastic way of marking out straight lines when painting and for signatures and drawing.

It can be used with all Lascaux Acrylic paints. Lascaux Studio Acrylic colours, Lascaux Studio Bronze range, Lascaux Gouache Colours, Lascaux Perlacryl, Lascaux Crystal Effect Colours and Lascaux Aquacryl Range. 

The steel needle in each applicator creates a line width of 1.3mm, 1.4mm and 1.7mm respectively. The needle lenght is 25mm. 

It has a screw attachment for 85ml and 250ml Lascaux Bottles. 
  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
  • Material:
    Metal Paint Applicator
  • Size:
    3 x Applicators
  • Type:
    Paint Applicator
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    CN 3923 5090 00
  • Weight: