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Lascaux Resonance Gouache

Exclusively developed by Lascaux, Resonance Gouache is a bioactivated artists' colour consisting of pure pigments, age-resistant bonding agents, nature-based thickeners and sage oil.

 This unique formulation yields a highly concentrated, thick and viscous paint which is water thinnable. Due to its gel-like consistency it is a beautiful paint to work with and aids expressive application by hand or brush.

  • Contains Sage Oil.
  • Thick gel-like consistency.
  • Luminous and Vibrant.
  • High Opacity and an even satin finish.
  • Partially re-soluble but can be successfully overpainted.
  • Lightfast, age resistant and non-yellowing.
  • Great for art therapy and educational use.
  • Suitable for screenprinting.

For more information see the attached sheet: Lascaux Resonance Gouache

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Lascaux Resonance Gouache set, 12 x 50ml Jar

A carefully selected range of twelve, 50ml jars of Lascaux Resonance Gouache. A beautiful bio-activated colour developed by Lascaux containing sage oil.

£73.68 (inc. VAT)