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Lascaux Sirius® Acrylic Watercolours.

Lascaux Sirius® Artists acrylic watercolours.

Sirius® Primary system in a re-soluble, watercolour form.

The five primary colours allow the mixing of more than 78,000 pure and harmonious hues.

Representing exceptional colour at a reasonable cost, the Sirius® system offers colours of the utmost purity and intensity.

  • luminous, pure, transparent.
  • fluid and semi-matt when dry.
  • water soluble when dry.
  • mixed hues retain maximum purity and chroma.
  • neutral black when mixed in equal parts.
  • lightfast and age resistant.
  • not suitable for outdoor artworks.
  • for use in art, decoration,and screenprinting.

Lascaux Sirius Acrylic Watercolour Information.