Lascaux Sirius Primary System WATERCOLOURS Box Set, 85ml (7 x 85ml, palette, empty bottle, prism strip, booklet)

£81.84 (inc. VAT)
85ml Set of Lascaux Sirius Primary Watercolour Paints offering 5 artists colours plus black and white. Colour mixing system offering an extremely versatile and good value artists paint range. Fully intermixable with Lascaux Mediums.

Lascaux Sirius® Water

A recent innovation from Lascaux, Sirius® is a highly pigmented re-soluble acrylic colour range.

Sirius® is a unique colour concept based on five primaries instead of the usual three. Mixed in equal parts, the 5 primaries produce a neutral, rich and vibrant black. A limitless exploration and creation of colour is possible with the primaries due to the precise balance of pigments used. Sirius colours are high in chroma and dry to a velvety matt finish. Lascaux mediums and varnishes are perfectly compatible with Sirius colours to modify sheen, texture and finish.

85ml set contains the five primaries (85ml): Magenta, Red, Yellow, Cyan and Ultramarine, White and Black, an empty bottle, mixing palette, prism strip and instruction booklet.

(water-soluble acrylic)

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