MABEF M/02 Studio Easel, Oiled Beech wood, Crank operated

£1,068.72 (inc. VAT)
Professional wooden Artists' Easel, well suited to large canvases. Canvas holder height can be adjusted using the crank mechanism. Max. canvas height: 235cm (see full description for more details)
Constructed of beautifully oiled, stain-resistant beech wood, the MABEF M-02 Studio Easel is an artist’s dream. Designed for larger canvases, the canvas holder height is adjusted by a crank mechanism.  The working angle is adjustable and there are two extendable center poles for stable use with canvases up to 235cm high. The poles and canvas are locked in the desired position by tightening a screw in the rear. The large utility tray with two side storage drawers are perfect for holing and storing artist materials. The sturdy base is supported by four casters and leveling bolts for easy movement and safe use.

Easel Height: Min. 205cm / Max. 390cm 
Easel Width: 99cm
Easel Base Depth: 68cm
Easel Weight: 42kg
Canvas Holder Depth: 8cm  
Max. Canvas Height: 235cm
Max. Canvas Weight: 40kg
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