MABEF M/09 Studio Easel, Basic with Tray, Oiled Beech wood, Adjustable height with ratchet action

£210.00 (inc. VAT)
Professional wooden Artists' Easel. Basic design with tray for storage. Canvas holder height can be adjusted with simple ratchet action. Max. canvas height: 115cm (see full description for more details)
Made of oiled beech wood, the MABEF M-09 is a very popular Studio Easel. This easel is fitted with a brush/equipment tray below the bottom canvas ledge and the canvas holder height is adjusted with a sliding ratchet. Once the desired position is set, it can be locked by tightening the rear locking screw.

Easel Height: Min. 143cm / Max. 244cm 
Easel Width: 55cm
Easel Base Depth: 52cm
Easel Weight: 10.5kg
Canvas Holder Depth: 4.5cm  
Max. Canvas Height: 115cm
Max. Canvas Weight: 15kg
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