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MABEF M/09 Studio Easel, Basic with Tray, Oiled Beech wood, Adjustable height with ratchet action

Professional wooden Artists' Easel. Basic design with tray for storage. Canvas holder height can be adjusted with simple ratchet action. Max. canvas height: 115cm (see full description for more details)
Product Brand:   MABEF
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Made of oiled beech wood, the MABEF M-09 is a very popular Studio Easel. This easel is fitted with a brush/equipment tray below the bottom canvas ledge and the canvas holder height is adjusted with a sliding ratchet. Once the desired position is set, it can be locked by tightening the rear locking screw.

Easel Height: Min. 143cm / Max. 244cm 
Easel Width: 55cm
Easel Base Depth: 52cm
Easel Weight: 10.5kg
Canvas Holder Depth: 4.5cm  
Max. Canvas Height: 115cm
Max. Canvas Weight: 15kg