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MABEF M/11 Inclinable Artists' Lyre Easel, Oiled Beech wood

Professional wooden Artists' Lyre Easel. A-Frame shape, Height-adjustable and Inclinable with ratchet-action. Max. canvas height: 125cm (see full description for more details)
Product Brand:   MABEF
£105.00 Exc VAT
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One of MABEF's most popular easels, the MABEF M-11 is constructed of stain-resistant oiled beech wood.  This deluxe A-Frame studio easel features a simple ratchet control that adjusts both canvas height and canvas inclination. Includes handy storage area for paints, brushes and art materials. 

Easel Height: Min. 176cm / Max. 245cm 
Easel Width: 66cm
Easel Base Depth: 76cm
Easel Weight: 7kg
Canvas Holder Depth: 5cm  
Max. Canvas Height: 125cm
Max. Canvas Weight: 10kg