MABEF M/18 Studio Easel, Oiled Beech wood, Convertible base

£468.72 (inc. VAT)
Professional wooden Artists' Easel. Convertible base allows canvas to go from upright to horizontal position. Max. canvas height: 225cm (see full description for more details)
Crafted from oiled beech wood, the MABEF M-18 Convertible Studio easel accepts both vertically and horizontally positioned canvases. The artist can lock this easel in any position between vertical and horizontal, allowing for angle selection based on personal style. Paint upright or covert to flat horizontal position for priming. This model is larger than the M/08 and M/33 styles and can take larger and heavier canvases.
The sturdy base has four lockable casters and is fitted with a storage area below the canvas ledge for tools, brushes and paints.

Easel Height: Min. 180cm / Max. 375cm 
Easel Width: 67cm
Easel Base Depth: 77cm
Easel Weight: 23.5kg
Canvas Holder Depth: 5.5cm  
Max. Canvas Height: 225cm
Max. Canvas Weight: 30kg
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