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Oil Colours

We offer a selection of the best artists' oil colours available.
Internationally renowned brands manufacturing the best of traditional oil paint and modern colours.
Sax, Cranfield, Williamsburg and Mir represent artists' paints made here in the UK, Switzerland, USA and Spain.
Sizes to suit all projects and prices to match all budgets, the oils we have supplied to our customers have proven to match the ambition of oil painters from around the world.

NEW - Michael Harding's Oil Colours in 40ml and 225ml Tubes

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14" x 16" APF Workshop Canvas - Linen prepared with Lascaux Size and Primer

A canvas stretched with linen and prepared by hand in our workshop. Prepared with Lascaux Acrylic Size and Primer, suitable for working on in any media.

£33.60 (inc. VAT)
2005 Lascaux Acrylic Size, 1 litre

Acrylic Size for all flexible supports. Highly economical clear sizing. Can be used as a transparent sealer or as a sizing before the application of Lascaux Primer or Lascaux Gesso. Use code FRESH-START at checkout for 10% Discount (14.12.2020-18.01.2021)

£29.16 (inc. VAT)
70010 Kremer Turpentine, 1 litre (double rectified)

Kremer Fir Turpentine, double rectified.Please note this item can only be shipped to UK mainland addresses.

£20.70 (inc. VAT)
70460 Kremer Shellsol T, 1 litre low odour solvent

Kremer Shellsol T low odour solvent. Please note this item can only be shipped to UK mainland addresses.

£8.04 (inc. VAT)
Omega 'SAX' s.57 Bristle Brush, 2"

Omega 'SAX'. 100% bristle brush with wooden handle and stainless steel ferrule.

£15.54 (inc. VAT)