Pigments & Dry Goods

AP Fitzpatrick is proud to supply Kremer Pigments.
We hold a broad range of Pigments in stock, alongside glitters, pearlescent effect pigments, and metal powders. We also carry a variety of dry goods, such as resins, shellacs and waxes.

You can use these pigments in conjunction with the binders we also supply to make your own paints. For making acrylic colours, use Kremer Acrylic Dispersions , for oil colours use Kremer Oils. You can also make your own watercolours using Kremer Watercolour Medium, Lascaux Water Resoluble Acrylic Medium or QOR Watercolour Medium.

If you are looking for a certain pigment and do not see it listed please contact us, we are able to supply many more Kremer pigments as special order items.