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AP Fitzpatrick supplies world-renowned restoration materials from Lascaux Restauro and Kremer Pigmente.

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196cm wide P5 Polyester Lining Fabric. Price per metre

Polyester "Sailcloth". High Strength 100% woven polyester, 254g/㎡. 196cm wide. Translucent white fabric used for picture lining. Supplied on a roll for UK Mainland orders and lightly folded for all other destinations unless otherwise requested.

£33.00 (inc. VAT)
314cm Wide P110 Lascaux Polyester Artists' Fabric. Price per metre

Fine Weave, ecru. Similar colour and properties to linen. Warp thread approximately 19/cm, Weft approximately 19/cm. Weight 215g/. Width 314cm. Supplied lightly folded.

£156.00 (inc. VAT)
85411919 Kolinsky Sable (Compact) Retouching Brush Set. Kremer, plastic box containing six brushes

Golden seamless ferrule with red sable Kolinsky bristle. Squatter, compact brush tip for retouching and fine detail work. Sizes 0 - 6.

£47.16 (inc. VAT)