s.304 da Vinci Junior Synthetic brush, Flat, Size 20

Synthetic Bristle Brush with rust-proof, aluminium ferrule. Great well made short handled, soft bristle brush.

Superior, flat synthetic bristle short handled brush from da Vinci.

Very well made, long lasting brush with raw wood handle.

  • elastic golden synthetic fibre 
  • rust-proof aluminium ferrules 
  • waterbased lacquered esagonal handles 
  • for the application of paint over a wide area
  • for nearly all surfaces and colours

Measurements of the 304 Series Flat Synthetic Brush

  • Country of Origin:
  • GTIN:
  • Make:
    da Vinci
  • Type:
    Flat Brush
  • Material:
    Synthetic Bristle
  • Size:
    Size 20
  • Series:
    304 da Vinci 'Junior'
  • Width:
  • EAN:
  • Brand:
    da Vinci
  • Product Code:
    DE 9603 3010 00
  • Weight: