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Sizings and Primers

Lascaux Sizings and Primers high quality, viscous, pure acrylate dispersions.

They need to be diluted with water for best results making them very economical.

They are flexible and suitable for almost every type of substrate.

Lascaux Primings can also be used for outdoor applications.

Lascaux Size, Primer and Gesso are a suitable preparation for most paints, working particularly well for Oil and Acrylic painters.

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14431 Lascaux Varnish Brush s. 40mm

Highest Quality Flat, Wide Brush. For application of Varnishes, Lacquers, Flat Colour, Primer and Gesso.Polyester, Dark Brown Bristle, Marine Plywood Handle, Stainless Steel Ferrule.

£20.34 (inc. VAT)
Chalimont 200mm P-62 Flat hog Brush

A wider flat brush with soft hog hair, excellent for sizing and priming canvases or applying large areas of colour. Clear lacquared handle

£34.56 (inc. VAT)
Omega s.463 'Red Silk' Spalter Varnish brush 100mm

Stainless steel ferrule and marine plywood handle.Soft but with spring, this is an ideal brush for use with acrylic primings and paints.100% Polyester red silk fibre. Italian made and very robust.

£24.95 (inc. VAT)