Vaishali Prazmari 'Water' Sable Brush

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Handmade with fine sable bristle, nickel-plated brass ferrule, raw birch wood handle.
Fine Sable Bristle, nickel-plated brass ferrule, raw birch wood handle.

Approx. Bristle length: 20mm
Approx. Bristle width: 3mm

Round and bulbous at its base, graduating to a fine point when wet, the water brush is designed to hold enough liquid to paint the ground washes that can be found in miniature painting.  Its thicker size allows it to hold more liquid to lay down large areas of flat colour which can then be burnished. Crucially, the hairs end in an elegant fine tip, which also means that it can reach the tiny crevices in the outline while simultaneously holding enough colour to continue in the same breath into the larger expansive areas. 

The brush logo is based on the ancient Chinese character for water. 

The Water brush can be used in different ways, both within the specialism of traditional miniature painting as well as in contemporary watercolour painting. 

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