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Watercolor Accessories

Empty tins from Kremer suitable for 1/2 and full pan watercolours.

QoR Watercolour grounds and additives.

Ceramic mixing palettes.

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1500 Watercolor Medium. QoR,  59ml bottle

A general purpose medium used to increase the transparency and flow of watercolours.

1550 Lift Aid. QoR, 118ml bottle

A fluid medium for water colour surfaces to improve the lifting of watercolours.

1000 Synthetic Ox Gall. QoR,  59ml bottle

A wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolours.

2020 Cold Press Ground. QoR, 237ml jar

A textured paste that dries to a surface similar to handmade paper.


2010 Light Dimensional Ground. QoR,  237ml jar

White, lightweight paste, yielding a very absorbent ground. Can be applied thin or thick.


2000 Watercolor Ground. QoR,  237ml jar

Transforms nearly any surface into an absorbant bright white painting surface similar to hot-press papers.


1600 Masking Fluid. QoR, 59ml bottle

QoR masking fluid in a 59ml bottle

40705 Ceramic Rectangular 18cm x 10cm Mixing Tray - 10 Well

Ceramic Rectangular Mixing Tray - 10 Well, 18cm x 10cm

40726 Ceramic Rectangular Small Mixing Tray 10cm x 8cm with Lid - 12 well

Ceramic Rectangular Mixing Tray with Lid - 12 well, 10cm x 8cm

77200 Latex Milk Kremer, 1 lt bottle

natural rubber, kept liquid with ammonia

881010 Empty watercolour tin, Kremer large

Empty Kremer watercolour tin for 14 full pans, metal, approx. 22 x 7 x 2.5 cm

881014 Empty watercolour tin, Kremer small

Sturdy metal watercolour tin for 8 full pans, approx. 12.5 x 7 x 2 cm